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I tapped into an energy in the form of an old lady.

Son how old are you?

I’m old mum. 

She said; come on son...
Like you all, you are young…
The soil you walk on lived for thousands of years before you were born.
For as long as you walk on it, you remain ageless like the sun. 
You get old when you stop believing.
She said, son your days cease when you cease to ease into laugher. 
Seek light in the dark, take things with a light heart…
Walk, jump run in the park, 
Breathe breath of fresh air and live beyond manmade timelines. 
In a moment of truth, I embraced her wisdom like familiar hug-
Like warm arms wrapping around a baby. 
Awaken from a sunken place, paradigm shift…
Shifts the gifts from hidden pulpits onto an altar of life.
Although she was gone, a magnet of wisdom evoked buried wisdom.
A reminder that we are…
Gifted with the universe,
With greatness buried deep inside.
Black excellence, her excellence.
Powering through the imbalance of a world afraid of your divine presence 
So, we persist with a purpose. 
Setting the bar higher and beyond what the closed eyes can see.



Lindani Njie 


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